22 Hilarious Memes For Anyone Who Loves Huskies

How long has it been since you last treated yourself to a hearty helping of husky-related humor? Too long, probably. So dig in!

1. Huskies have two settings.

Excited Husky standing next to excited Husky lying down. Caption: hyper awake, hyper asleep
credit: Cheezburger

2. "You're welcome!"

Excited Husky in dog kennel. Caption: I ate your keys so you never have to leave me again
credit: Reddit

3. "This is my new best friend, yes?"

4. Oh, hey, there you are.

Picture through a window of a Husky standing on a large flower pot. Caption: if u don't let kane inside, he assumes u cant see him so he gets up on here just to be you'll notice him
credit: iFunny

5. Time to call the tow sled.

Sled dog team with one dog lying down. Caption: Alaskan flat tire
credit: Reddit

6. The most dignified animal.

Husky with its upper lip pressed against fence. Caption: Fiberian Hufky
credit: Reddit

7. Did you hear that? No? Uh-oh.

Siberian Husky. Caption: Silence is golden unless you have a Husky... then silence is suspicious. Very very suspicious.
credit: Buzz Sharer

8. Just add snow!

Box full of Husky puppies. Caption: Dog sledding starter kit
credit: Reddit

9. Huskies don't really "do" rules.

Husky sitting in snow. Caption: Anything your dog can do my Siberian Husky can refuse to do and still look cuter not doing it
credit: Cheezburger

10. Ahhhh, that's the spot.

11. Not easily impressed.

Siberian Husky. Caption: Oh, you ran a marathon? How heavy was the sled?
credit: Imgur

12. Irresistible!

Siberian Husky winking and shaking paws. Caption: My coworker's dog just stole my girlfriend
credit: Reddit

13. Children are a joy.

"Our husky "babyproofs" herself from our son. No arms. No legs. Nothing to grab."
credit: Reddit

14. "You don't understand! It's urgent!"

Husky standing outside garden door. Caption: Hey guise!! Let me in! I need to go back out again!"
credit: Buzz Sharer

15. It's what's on the inside that counts.

Side by side photos of stoic Husky and silly Husky
credit: Imgur

16. Behold!

Husky trips over running Husky. Caption: Observe the majestic Husky
credit: Reddit

17. Seems about right.

Husky sitting outdoors on snow-covered patio furniture. Caption: Finelly! Some nice wether!
credit: Pinterest

18. Come on in, the water's fine!

Husky puppy lounging in toilet bowl.
credit: Imgur

19. It's this or running in circles.

Three huskies digging in grass. Caption: Hey guys..let's not..dig a hole said no Husky... ever
credit: Pinterest

20. "I'm not afraid of you! OK, maybe I'm a little afraid."

Siberian Husky being held by woman while looking down at small terrier dog.
credit: Reddit

21. Live your truth, doggo.

Photo set of Husky making a silly face in all four seasons.
credit: Instagram