22 Hilarious Memes For Anyone Who Loves Huskies

How long has it been since you last treated yourself to a hearty helping of husky-related humor? Too long, probably. So dig in!

1. Huskies have two settings.

2. "You're welcome!"

3. "This is my new best friend, yes?"

4. Oh, hey, there you are.

5. Time to call the tow sled.

6. The most dignified animal.

7. Did you hear that? No? Uh-oh.

8. Just add snow!

9. Huskies don't really "do" rules.

10. Ahhhh, that's the spot.

11. Not easily impressed.

12. Irresistible!

13. Children are a joy.

14. "You don't understand! It's urgent!"

15. It's what's on the inside that counts.

16. Behold!

17. Seems about right.

18. Come on in, the water's fine!

19. It's this or running in circles.

20. "I'm not afraid of you! OK, maybe I'm a little afraid."

21. Live your truth, doggo.