Just 22 Random & Hilarious Photos Of Dogs

Shout out to the internet for literally always having something funny to say about dogs.

1. So little!

Measuring tape in foreground held up to dog in background. Caption: look how tiny this dog is
credit: Tumblr

2. "Well, I guess I have to come with you now."

Dog with its snout tied to tennis shoe.
credit: Reddit


Great Dane making a funny face. Caption: My GF's Great Dane, Montgomery. This is the face he makes when he's about to get a carrot.
credit: Reddit

4. Who needs chicken soup when you've got a cuddle buddy like this?

Dog and woman cuddling
credit: Imgur

5. "But I don't wanna take a nap!"

Dog falling asleep
credit: Reddit

6. So romantic!

Puppy on beach with pizza and beer.
credit: Imgur

7. "Get in; I'll explain later."

Dog hanging out car window.
credit: Reddit

8. Bliss.

Dog and little boy hugging
credit: Reddit

9. "What do you mean 'don't stand on the table?' I'm not standing on the table!"

Dog sitting on table with paws on chair.
credit: Reddit

10. Poetry is good for the mind and the heart.

Dog with five kittens sleeping on it
credit: Imgur

11. "I've made a terrible mistake."

Photo set of Husky falling into swimming pool
credit: Imgur

12. What a waste.

Dog look distressed
credit: Imgur

13. "Are you seeing this?"

Pug in golf cart looking at deer in distance
credit: Imgur

14. Next level thinking.

15. Charlie is a good sport.

Dog looking sideways through doorway
credit: Reddit

16. "Seriously? Every seven years I have to put up with this shit."

Dog wearing birthday hat in front of dog biscuit with candles in it
credit: Reddit

17. Big doggo doing smol doggo a squish.

Small white dog mostly hidden underneath large black dog
credit: Reddit

18. Everyone's a comedian these days.

French bulldog and Bull Mastiff
credit: Instagram

19. "I'm ready for my parade."

20. Why would you do such a terrible thing?

Toddler and puppy on opposite sides of baby gate
credit: Reddit

21. "Unusually quiet today, isn't it?"

Dog staring at painting as if it were a window
credit: Reddit

22. "Wow, dirt. Because we don't have any of that at home."

Dog in desert looking unimpressed
credit: Reddit