Just 22 Random & Hilarious Photos Of Dogs

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Shout out to the internet for literally always having something funny to say about dogs.

1. "Look how tiny this dog is!"

So little!


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

2. "Was trying to tie my shoelaces but dog got in the way"

"Well, I guess I have to come with you now."


3. "My GF’s Great Dane, Montgomery. This is the face he makes when he’s about to get a carrot."

OMG, carrots.


4. Who needs chicken soup when you've got a cuddle buddy like this?

5. "Let me just...close my eyes real qui--"

"But I don't wanna take a nap!"



6. "A perfect date would be..."

So romantic!


7. "Get in; I'll explain later."

8. "My son's always been a hugger. My dog wasn't totally comfortable with that at first, but he's come around."



9. "What do you mean 'don't stand on the table?' I'm not standing on the table!"

10. "My name is Ned, now I'm a bed, and if I ruffs, I scare the fluffs, I cannot move, I just play dead, my name is Ned, and I'm a bed"

Poetry is good for the mind and the heart.



11. "I've made a terrible mistake."

12. "When you see your owner throwing out a lot of food you would've gladly eaten.

What a waste.


13. "Are you seeing this?"

14. "My dog hates his nails getting clipped so my dad literally bought a purse & cut holes in it"

Next level thinking.


15. "My wife and I like to surprise each other with 'Unexpected Charlie'. Charlie no longer finds this amusing."

Charlie is a good sport.

16. "I just wanted to eat by you lit my food on fire"

"Seriously? Every seven years I have to put up with this shit."

17. Big doggo doing smol doggo a squish.

18. "Why the long face?"

Everyone's a comedian these days.


19. "A refugee from planet Vergon 6 needs your help in the form of belly rubs..."

20. "Had to separate them, wasn't prepared for the most brutal double guilt trip of my life."

Why would you do such a terrible thing?

21. "He thinks the painting is a window."

"Unusually quiet today, isn't it?"

22. "When you take your couch potato children out to go see nature and they aren’t impressed"

"Wow, dirt. Because we don't have any of that at home."


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