21 Dogs Who Just Want a Little Nibble of What You're Eating

Some people consider it begging. Dogs consider it waiting patiently to receive their proper compensation for good dogly behavior.

1. Steak? Bacon? Fruit salad? We don't care.

Three dogs watching a human at a kitchen counter
credit: Imgur

2. 🎶 Oh, can't you see ... food belongs with me  🎶

Husky looking over back of sofa.
credit: Imgur

3. Pleas.

Dog looking at bowl of pasta.
credit: Reddit

4. "I love you so much and also that burger smells amazing."

Dog gazing up at photographer.
credit: Reddit

5. "I helps cook. That means I helps eat."

6. "I'll be right here, just in case you need to get rid of some of that."

Dog tucked underneath arm of human seated at table
credit: Reddit

7. This is entrapment!

8. "I'm hungry, you're hungry, let's make this happen."

Dog resting its chin on back of couch
credit: Imgur

9. Do you ever get the strange sensation that you're being watched?

Dog watching human eat sausage
credit: Imgur

10. The ultimate betrayal.

Dog looking grumpy because it didn't get human food
credit: Reddit

11. Food ninja.

Dog resting its head on table, slowly inching towards plate of food.
credit: Imgur

12. Good luck with that, doggo.

Blind dog begging for food from an empty couch
credit: Reddit

13. Sometimes dogs are so inscrutable. What are they thinking? We'll never know.

Dog attempting to reach pizza on table
credit: Reddit

14. Waffles? More like woofles. (Sorry.)

Dog staring intently at waffle.
credit: Cheezburger

15. *heavy breathing*

Clearly visible dog trying to hide while watching photographer eat pizza
credit: Morably

16. That tail is lethal weapon.

Excited looking pit bull with extremely waggy tail
credit: Tumblr

17. The look of longing.

Dog resting its head on a wall, looking longingly at grill full of meat and vegetables
credit: Imgur

18. So close you can almost taste it.

Dog tongue under door trying to lick treat
credit: Imgur

19. Blop.

Dog begging with its tongue hanging out
credit: Reddit

20. Your frie get cold, I help

21. Gross ... but adorable.

Dog begging and drooling
credit: Reddit