23 Adorable Kittens Doing Things For The First Time

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None of us are born knowing everything (even if some of us seem to think that we are). Kittens and humans have that in common (both parts).

There's a first time for everything and here are 21 cute kittens doing things for the first time.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

1. First grooming. Already hates it.

2. This kitten is preparing for a lifetime of "If I fits, I sits."

3. Aww, kitten's first public shaming. How cute.

4. First Christmas!

5. First introduction to cause, effect, and unintended consequences

6. First cup

7. First shoe

8. First slipper

9. First box

Because you never forget your first box!


10. First pillow

11. First dog

12. First movie

13. First sleepover

14. First charging cable destroyed

15. When you think you've got something but then get embarrassed and try to disappear.

16. TBH, much more graceful than our first steps.

17. The first time you realize you've gotten yourself into something you can't get out of.

18. A good teacher is key for your first escape.

19. It's an acquired taste.

20. So just ... tap your finger? High fives are easy.

21. You know that weird relationship you have with your first best friend? Yeah, so do they.

22. What is this strange, cold wet thing?

23. Don't worry, first kisses are always awkward.


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