29 Cats Who Are Out Of Their Damn Minds

Cats are freaky, man.

1. I mean, we totally expect a little cat weirdness.

2. People who don't have cats might think this is strange.

But we know this is pretty much normal cat stuff.

3. But what is this?

4. This?

5. This two-headed cat is sure weird. Oh wait.

6. Mostly, I'm surprised the cat agreed to jam with that dude.

7. Some cats like to go for walks. Most of them do not and how dare you even try.

8. Ok, that is one way to move around the kitchen.

9. What are kittens even?

10. Why so fearless?

11. And pouncy?!

12. That wind up, man. That's trouble.

13. Did you know that your cat protects you from ghosts?

14. Did you know your cat summoned those ghosts?

15. This is normal.

16. Maybe cats are aliens. That's probably it.

17. Wild kitties are even more bonkers.

18. Nothing to see here, move along please.

19. Just a cat having some fun.

20. *cautiously tip-toes around cat*

21. This is actually a clip from a horror movie.

22. PROOF that cats are nuts.

23. All cats see invisible bugs. Maybe they are ghost bugs.

24. Possibly undeserved butt attack. Bad kitty.

25. Citrus attack.

26. Surprise kitten attack. That looks kind of fun actually.

27. They had to get this kitty a crash pad.

28. Disengage when you see crazy cat eyes. That is my advice.

29. Then, there's this cat just who just wants to chill and eat some spaghetti.

I can totally relate, cat.