23 Puppies Who Got All Grown Up

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Take pictures of your puppies while you can, because they'll be puppies for approximately two more minutes.

1. Looks like she figured out that whole ear situation.

2. This duo has been fighting crime since the day they were born!

3. Puppy dog eyes are puppy dog eyes, no matter how old.

4. What's really amazing is that the toy lasted all that time.

5. Office productivity has increased enormously since she stopped napping on the job.

6. Finally old enough to get that driver's license!

7. Birds of a feather stay friends furever.

8. He's been working on his beach bod.

9. In this universe, the fox and the hound really did stay friends.

10. Fluffy then, fluffy now.

11. Lifelong cuddle buddies.

12. From a Bernese mound dog to a Bernese mountain dog.

13. Smile, pupper! You're a big doggo now!

14. These dingoes din'stay little for very long.

15. Her mouth is finally big enough for all that tongue.

16. This fluffy bundle grew ears and legs.

17. Not one, but TWO very rare pictures of a blue heeler at rest.

18. Stoic and stoic-er.

19. He doesn't know it's his birthday; he's just happy because everyone else is happy.

20. Full grown, but no less skeptical.

21. He grew out of his shirt, but not into his ears.

22. The mastiff before and after becoming a massive-tiff.


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