31 Hilarious Pets Who Have Been Cone-Of-Shamed

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The Elizabethan collar (aka the Cone of Shame) is used to keep animals from scratching or licking themselves in areas that shouldn't be scratched or licked like wounds, stitches, or sensitive areas. Since most animals get enormous pleasure from scratching and licking themselves, the Cone of Shame is a very unwelcome accessory.

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1. Think of it this way: the cone just means you can hold all your toys at once!

2. How about a little something to take the edge off?

3. You know what, make it a double.

4. "I am vengeance! I am the night!"

5. Not feeling quite so super.

6. Turns out these cone thingies have their upsides.

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7. Poor Albert.

8. Aww, his friends signed it.

9. Lovebird feeling a little less full of love than usual.

10. This is adorable until the dog hears the doorbell ring.

11. At least the stitches are safe.

12. "That's no moon ..."

13. Just 'cause you got cone of shame doesn't mean you can't feel festive!

14. Pixar has a new mascot.

15. "This cone sucks, but I still <3 you."

16. Work that cone, girl!

17. Freakin' brilliant.

18. That vet gives the goooood stuff.

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19. "Stop gloating, ya jerk."

20. That's some next level thinking right there.

21. "They got you too, huh?"

22. The chosen one!

23. "Why isn't this working?"

24. Not bad for a conehead!

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25. "I'll lick my way out of here if I have to."

26. "Haha, very funny."

27. Don't worry, kitty. It's not forever.

28. Misery loves company.

29. Company doesn't always love misery.

30. Snow cone! Brr.

31. "I will have my revenge."