23 Dogs Who Are Winning At Hide & Seek

These dogs are totally crushing it at hide and seek. Believe it or not, there's a dog in every single one of these photos! How many can you spot?

1. The key is to stay very, very still.

2. It's an undercover operation.

Dog's nose poking out from under covers.
credit: Imgur

3. An attempt was made.

Dog hiding its face behind curtain.
credit: Reddit

4. Nice carpet.

Fluffy white dog on fluffy white carpet.
credit: Reddit

5. "No dog here! Only bush."

Dog hiding in bushes.
credit: Reddit

6. "If I can't see you, you can't see me."

Dog with its body sticking out from under a bed.
credit: Imgur

7. This presents a serious tripping hazard.

Black dog on black doormat.
credit: Imgur

8. Are there dogs in this GIF? We sure don't see any.

9. "Shh. I am a shadow."

10. "No one can see through my impenetrable cloak of invisibility!"

Dog hiding behind slightly transparent curtain.
credit: Reddit

11. None may Stealth so effective as dog

12. "Think like t-shirt. Be like t-shirt."

Dog hiding in closet underneath t-shirts.
credit: Reddit

13. Ha ha. Very funny.

14. No dogs here! And if there were, they definitely wouldn't be hiding from bath time.

Small dog poking its head out of kitchen sink.
credit: Instagram

15. The googly eyes were the last ditch effort to stop losing the dog all the time.

Fluffy brown dog with googly eyes on its head, laying on fluffy brown dog bed.
credit: Imgur

16. Wait for it.

17. That's a cute collection!

Small dog hidden in pile of stuffed animals.
credit: Imgur

18. Taking a tactical position.

Dog hiding around corner, across from mirror that shows his reflection.
credit: Imgur

19. No dogs in here - EEK!

Black dog's tail poking out from behind black shower curtain.
credit: Imgur

20. Why do the Johnsons keep saying they have four dogs? They clearly only have three.

Family photo with a man, woman, three dogs, and a dog blending in with the carpet.
credit: Bored Panda

21. So stealth! Very hide. Much secrets.

Dog trying to hide under furniture.
credit: Reddit

22. Not bad, doggo. Not bad.

Brindle dog blending in with tiger striped blanket.
credit: Cheezburger

23. "Surprise! I can't believe you found me."