23 Dogs Who Are Winning At Hide & Seek

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These dogs are totally crushing it at hide and seek. Believe it or not, there's a dog in every single one of these photos! How many can you spot?

1. The key is to stay very, very still.

2. Somewhere in this room, there is a sixty pound dog playing hide-and-seek.

3. An attempt was made.

4. Nice carpet.

5. "No dog here! Only bush."

6. "If I can't see you, you can't see me."

7. This presents a serious tripping hazard.

8. Are there dogs in this GIF? We sure don't see any.

9. "Shh. I am a shadow."

10. "No one can see through my impenetrable cloak of invisibility!"

11. None may Stealth so effective as dog

He's learned it from the Homer backing into the bush meme.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

12. "Think like t-shirt. Be like t-shirt."

13. Ha ha. Very funny.

14. No dogs here! And if there were, they definitely wouldn't be hiding from bath time.

15. The googly eyes were the last ditch effort to stop losing the dog all the time.

16. Wait for it.

17. That's a cute collection!

18. Taking a tactical position.

19. No dogs in here - EEK!

20. Why do the Johnsons keep saying they have four dogs? They clearly only have three.

21. So stealth! Very hide. Much secrets.

22. Not bad, doggo. Not bad.

She's the official Hide And Seek State Champ three years running.


23. "Surprise! I can't believe you found me."


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