20 Adorable Escape Artists Who Would Make Houdini Proud

These pets will find a way to wiggle, chew, or climb their way out of anything. It's pretty impressive, actually.

1. "Quick, while they're not looking!"

2. "My fluff cannot be contained."

3. *dig dig dig* "Whoa, I can't believe that worked!"

4. "Just gonna liquefy all my bones real quick."

5. "I'M FREEee zzzz ..."

6. Half chihuahua, half monkey

7. Doggo is overcoming the odds just to be the first to greet you.

8. "Heck the police!"

9. Escaping is easier with built-in grappling hooks.

10. Only a few witnessed the escape, but they still speak of it to this day.

11. "I got you, fam."

12. Suck it in!

13. ... now what?

14. "Hah! The humans have no idea that I've found the weak spot in this prison of theirs."

15. "Of course I'll come back for you, Frank. Quit asking me."

16. "Holy smokes, guys — he's doing it! He's doing it!"

17. Foiled again.

18. "Come, my brothers! Let us leap to freedom!"

19. Mad skillz

20. "I don't know where this goes, but it can't be worse than here."