18 Dogs Who Remembered To Stop & Smell The Flowers

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A dog's life is busy—chasing squirrels, napping, chowing down, barking, more napping. Their work is never done! But these dogs remembered that it's important to take a break once in a while and appreciate nature's beauty! That's something we can all do!

1. Perfect spot for a break from the rat race.

2. Yellow flowers are a fave!

3. Taking a tentative sniff because it also happens to be allergy season.

4. Not sure if flower or ball.

5. Basking in the beauty of this lush bush.

6. Hmm...smells kinda funny.

7. Feeling skeptical about these blooms.

8. "Roses are red/I'm brown and white/ Wonder if I can take a bite?"

9. Wildflowers are so special!

10. "These tulips match my hair tie!"

11. "These are perfect for my sweetheart."

12. Who doesn't love blowing on dandelions?

13. Too high to sniff!

14. "Ah, yes, incredible aroma."

15. Sometimes sniffing leads to tasting.

16. Pretty in pink peonies!

17. "This is not funny, Susan."

18. Pollen attack!