17 Weirdo Pets To Make Your Heart Giggle Uncontrollably

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I don't know, man. They're cute, but they're kinda weird.

1. They got in the pool.

2. "I smell BBQ."

3. Snooto resto.

4. This is just about the most cat thing ever.

5. "Then you wave your paws in the air, like you don't care ..."

"Like this?!"

6. Ya, but he's real cute.

7. "It's beautiful."

8. "Steal a doughnut the same color as your fur and hold real still, they will never notice."

9. The power of cat compels you ....

10. Goob mornin'.

11. "You're welcome."

12. Ok, maybe not this dog. There's probably another dog.

13. This was some kind of sick joke.

14. "Not this guy again."

15. "Oh, hello."

16. She doesn't even know how to play. She just pushes all the pieces off the board.

Cats are like, really bad at chess.


17. He thinks he's posing for Cujo.

Image Credit: Amanda Rock