21 Of The Internet's Sweetest Bird Friends

If you've never hung out with a bird, you might be surprised to learn that they can be delightful companions. Just look at these cuties!

1. Beauty is in the eye of the bird holder.

2. Stjärtmes is such a beautiful name for a bird.

3. "You get a biscuit! You get a biscuit! Everyone gets a biscuit!"

4. How dare you!

5. Gosh, you're big.

6. Bang!

7. Looking fly as heck.

8. Time for bed.

9. Make it a combo for a dollar more!

10. A little shy.

11. Doesn't this just warm your heart?

12. Sick stunts!

13. *boing boing boing boing*

14. Twinsies!

15. Anybody home?

18. Saving for retirement is important. Start building up that nest egg now.

19. Bliss.

20. That's it. You've slept enough.

21. Time for a dance party!