Just 21 Dogs Who Look Guilty As Heck

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"Today I decided to sneak through the fence and steal the neighbours shoes!"

Sad puppy eyes, sad puppy eyes everywhere.


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1. "A delectable Sunday brunch of a single Ugg boot followed by a trifle of toilet paper was to be the highlight of my morning. Alas, mom did not agree."

2. “Popcorn, what popcorn?” said Lucy indignantly. “Well, it wasn’t me.”

3. "I chewed up my ball and when dad picked it up, I felt embarrassed and ran to mom and then to my kennel."

4. "My mom & dad bought me a grown up bed & I peed on it in less than 15 seconds!"

5. "I did not take any of my little humans' toys, and I certainly didn’t chew up anything pink!"

6. "Humans caught me trying to nom the pillow 🙁"

7. "Penny was green with envy when she saw me eating salad."

8. Piper: "Mum, there is nothing in my mouth I swear!" Hachi: "Mum, Piper is lying 😂."

9. "I dig so I get to spend more time in the tub."

10. "This was her 'hiding' spot after she destroyed a dog bed. 🐶🤦"

11. "Regrets? Yeah I got a few .... "

12. "On this week's episode of * dun dun * Paw & Order."

13. "Somebody did a huge mess in the garden ...

But now you are here — it's all fine 😂😊"

14. "Walked into the kitchen to 2 dogs eating an oven mitt. One doggo is feeling guilty and the other has NO regrets 🤙"

15. "Caught trying to sneak out to a party!"

16. "My dog won’t make eye contact when he’s guilty. Like someone else chewed up the empty jelly container."

17. "That moment when your human walks in on you chewing the blanket."

18. "I haven't found what they broke yet."

19 "I ate the trash AGAIN."

20. "Oops, caught playing with the charger. Guilty as charged!"

21. "Mum knew something was up this morning when it was so pleasantly quiet 🤪"

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