18 Dogs Who Look So Smart In Glasses

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Glasses make everyone look smarter. That's just a fact.

1. "Dow Jones is down; Dog Bones is up."

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2. When someone in book club says they didn't do the reading.

3. What's a three-letter word for 'bestest animal ever'?

4. "This is a library. Please use your indoor bark."

5. Bishop to K9 is not a valid move.

6. "Walkies will have to wait, Sharon. I have numbers to crunch."

7. "It's 'The Yipping Point,' by Malcolm Gladwell. Have you read it?"

8. "Do you mind? Some of us are trying to learn?"

Education is a lifelong journey.


9. "I bork, therefore I am."

10. Pupper is interested in your data ...

... but questions your methodology.

11. "Your file management is atrocious. How do you ever find anything?"

12. Being this smart is exhausting.

13. "I'm appawlled by contemporary cinema's lack of diversity in feline representation."

14. The most qualified candidate for any job ever.

15. Does anyone else feel like they just got detention?

16. "Based on your annual income and filing status, I'd suggest opening an IRA within the next year."

17. D = O(g2)o

18. "Please keep it down. This thesis isn't going to proofread itself."


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