Just 20 Kittens Being Absolute Weirdos

Kittens are weird, man.

1. "I are protecting you from Shadow Monster!"

2. "And Hand Monster!"

3. "You know I know they're not really monsters."

4. "Hoomans are not so bad."

5. Yarn? We don't know anything about yarn.

6. Run for your life, cargo shorts!


8. Bunny and Kitty, being best friends. Together forever, the fun never ends. Solving mysteries one hug at a time; Bunny and Kitty, two of a kind.

9. "IT MINE."

10. He just learned what "neuter" meant.

11. Crazy little kitten legs!

12. "But you know I can see you, right?"

13. That potato never knew what hit him.

14. Such attack!

15. "Okay, but really, what did you expect?"

16. "I are very scary kitten!"

17. Kittens these days.

18. Seems about right.

19. This person has obviously never had a kitten before.

20. These almond cookies are very aggressive.