Just 20 Kittens Being Absolute Weirdos

Kittens are weird, man.

1. "I are protecting you from Shadow Monster!"

2. "And Hand Monster!"

3. "You know I know they're not really monsters."

Paw and finger moment between kitten and person
credit: zygyaz

4. "Hoomans are not so bad."

5. Yarn? We don't know anything about yarn.

kittens are weird
credit: Tumblr

6. Run for your life, cargo shorts!


Kitten spooked by reflection
credit: yewbert

8. Bunny and Kitty, being best friends. Together forever, the fun never ends. Solving mysteries one hug at a time; Bunny and Kitty, two of a kind.

Kitten and bunny mid-leap
credit: mattstillbust

9. "IT MINE."

10. He just learned what "neuter" meant.

11. Crazy little kitten legs!

12. "But you know I can see you, right?"

Kitten hiding in a glass bottle
credit: Myrthe785

13. That potato never knew what hit him.

14. Such attack!

15. "Okay, but really, what did you expect?"

Kittens made a mess!
credit: jc1435

16. "I are very scary kitten!"

17. Kittens these days.

18. Seems about right.

19. This person has obviously never had a kitten before.

20. These almond cookies are very aggressive.

kittens are weirdos
credit: Tumblr