Just 20 Kittens Being Absolute Weirdos

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Kittens are weird, man.

1. "I are protecting you from Shadow Monster!"

2. "And Hand Monster!"

3. "You know I know they're not really monsters."

4. "Hoomans are not so bad."

5. Yarn? We don't know anything about yarn.

6. Run for your life, cargo shorts!


8. "Next door has a new kitten. We have rabbits..."

9. "IT MINE."

10. He just learned what "neuter" meant.

11. Crazy little kitten legs!

12. "My kitten likes to 'hide' in this jar, and it confuses her brother"

"But you know I can see you, right?"


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

13. That potato never knew what hit him.

14. Such attack!

15. "Okay, but really, what did you expect?"

16. "I are very scary kitten!"

17. "Mom isn't very happy about her daughter having a cell phone at this age. But times are changing."

Kittens these days.


18. Seems about right.

19. "I was very excited to post a cute little picture to r/aww of my new buddy Buster. ...After a morning of failed attempts I've learned we're more of a derp family."

This person has obviously never had a kitten before.


20. These almond cookies are very aggressive.