16 Cats Who Just Saw A Ghost

Science tells us that cats have a unique psychic ability, which is sometimes referred to as the "sixth sense." The cats probably have their own name for it.

1. Spooked the fur right off her back!

2. "Shhh. I'm communing."


4. "You'd be hiding too if you knew what was out there."

Cat hiding under blankets.
credit: Reddit

5. "Do you — do you hear that?"

6. "You want to hear a story? Oh, I'll tell you a story."

Cat in darkness lit by candle.
credit: Imgur

7. "They're everywhere!"

8. "How long has it been watching me?"

Startled cat.
credit: Imgur

9. Right in the middle of bath time.

10. "You say harmless Cthulhu mask; I say haunted artifact."

Cat staring at mask.
credit: Imgur

11. "Was that you? Please tell me that was you."

12. "Stay back! I'm armed!"

13. "We are not alone."

Cat lurking on staircase.
credit: Imgur

14. "I ain't afraid of no — JUST KIDDING, I'M AFRAID."

15. "The spirits ... they have secrets ..."

Startled cat.
credit: Imgur

16. Licked a ghost.