Just 17 Puppies Farting Up A Storm

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Puppies fart. It's a fact. A stinky, smelly (but still completely adorable) fact.

1. This puppy farts WHILE EATING.

2. His first fart.

3. "I have puppy updates! She likes to sleep under my chair. She plays like a cat. And she farts in her sleep."

Ok, but to be fair, everyone farts in their sleep. Right?!


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

4. Corgis just love farts.

5. "I farted and my dog moved to the far side of the sofa and has been looking at me like this since"

6. "P.U. I farted in my sleep!"

7. Double trouble.

8. "She might look cute but she's very stinky #puppyfarts 🤣"

9. "Even our new puppy can barely stand one of old Max’s farts!"

10. "I didn't mean to."

11. A gas mask.

12. squeek

13. "I tooted!"

14. Unacceptable.

15. From the bottom of his fart ...

16. Aww, she's embarrassed by her farts.

17. Saying "cheese" or cutting the cheese?


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