Just 17 Puppies Farting Up A Storm

Puppies fart. It's a fact. A stinky, smelly (but still completely adorable) fact.

1. This puppy farts WHILE EATING.

2. His first fart.

3. Ok, but to be fair, everyone farts in their sleep.


4. Corgis just love farts.

5. Classy!

6. I bet this happens a lot actually.

Puppy fart meme
credit: MemeCenter

7. Double trouble.

8. Getting stink lessons.

9. Sometimes, it's not the puppy.

10. "I didn't mean to."

Cute puppy
credit: Piknu

11. A gas mask.

12. *squeek*

Puppy jumping around
credit: Lab Blog

13. "I tooted!"

Cute pup
credit: Ink361

14. This is definitely going to end in farts.

15. From the bottom of his fart ...

Corgi pup with a heart on his butt
credit: Douban

16. Aww, she's embarrassed by her farts.

17. Saying "cheese" or cutting the cheese?