Watch Out! These 22 Chunky Kittens Are Up To No Good

Consider yourself warned.

1. You better watch out.

2. They're coming.

3. They're at your door.

Kitten at a door
credit: ticIotr

4. They're taking over your computer!

5. Infesting your bed.

6. Trying to figure out upward mobility.

Kitten climbing a tree
credit: nefertooty

Which is not easy when you're chunky.

7. Hide your fingers!

8. Hide your dog!

9. Chunky kittens are gonna mess you up.

10. Then, they're gonna take a little snack break.

11. And a quick snooze.

12. But then, they're gonna use their mighty paws.

13. And their sharp little teef.

14. Oh wait. They're gonna take another nap.

Sleepy kitten
credit: jurressicaa

15. Well, now they're gonna play with their toys for a bit.

16. Look out!

17. Ok, one more nap.

Sleeping kitten
credit: TaeKz

18. Wait. They've gotta pounce this stick real quick.

19. Gasp! Here they come!

20. You won't know what hit you!

21. Luckily, the chunky kittens have an off button.

22. And they tire easily.