Just 18 Dogs Who Were Definitely Not Doing Anything Wrong, Okay

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Sometimes dogs do things they shouldn't, but not these dogs. They have definitely not done anything wrong.

1. "I can't be guilty. I'm just a furry rug."

2. "It was just gonna be a fart."

3. Red-Handed Retriever

4. That look when you steal a sausage, but it turns out to be a cucumber.

5. "Who was rolling on the lawn?"

6. "Dude, help me out here."

7. This dog is disappointed your underwear aren't sexier.

8. When you're caught barking up the wrong tree.

9. We haven't found what they broke yet.

10. Caught eating carbs!

11. "Why do you always assume I'm the one who got into the garbage can?"

12. "What Girl Scout cookies?"

13. ????????????????

14. "I think the cat did it."

15. You're home early.

16. Just a 'lil wrestling here, nothing to worry about.

17. OHAI!

18. " ... "


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