16 Of The Most Amazing Sploots The World Has Ever Seen

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We love a good sploot.

1. Sploot happens.

2. Sassy sploot.

3. A big 'ol sploot.

4. Okay, are corgis ever NOT splooting?

5. A smiley sploot!

6. A sleepy sploot.

7. Long boi sploot.

8. Suggestive "sup?" sploot.

9. A sploot with a view.

10. The reverse sploot because there's more than one way to sploot! Make the sploot your own, you know? You do you, splooters of the world!

11. A playful sploot!

12. Is this a sploot?

Or is this a dog who gave up trying to get into his bed?


Video of the Day

13. Shih-Tzu-Sploot.

14. I didn't know baby geese could sploot!

15. Triple sploot.

16. Corgis really are the masters of sploot.

"We invented the sploot!"


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