21 Dogs Who Aren't Here To Meet Your Expectations

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All dogs are Good Boys and Good Girls, even when they just objectively aren't.

Here are 21 dogs who decided to do things they shouldn't, regardless of their owners' expectations (no matter what the consequences were).

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1. This dog who doesn't understand why you can rave about your charcoal mask, and she can't roll around in a bag of literal charcoal.

2. This dog, who savagely trolled his owner's sexy selfie.

3. This dog, who isn't here for your shaming attempts.

4. This dog, who doesn't just accept the whole "humans in charge" thing: "I went out of town for a few days and came home to my dog who seems to want to have a word with me about it."

"Have a seat. I’d like to talk to you about leaving me for so many days."

5. This dog, who will not be outsmarted by your petty human trickery: "I thought I could trick my dog into eating food she didn't like by mixing it in with food she does like. I was wrong."

6. This dog, who dares you to cross his ring of pee.

7. This dog, who defends his hobbies: "The next door neighbor has a new dog that will not stop baking!!!"

8. This dog who will be held by no leash—unless he's standing on it himself.

"Dad took our dog Archie for a walk. When they got back Dad went to eat breakfast. He came back outside afterwards to see Archie was 'stuck'. His back foot was on the lead so it strained when he walked forward. So he was 'trapped'. Dad lifted his back foot and saved him."


9. This dirty Cheez-It thief.

10. This dog, who corrected an obvious oversight in staging the family photo.

11. This dog who ate a pot brownie—legitimately by accident, mind you. Don't feed your dog a pot brownie to elicit this adorable, Reddit-worthy smile, please.

12. This dog who ate an entirely different kind of off-limits thing and definitely didn't GAF.

13. This dog, who has no shame and no idea what a picture is.

14. These dogs, who are straight up bullies.

15. This dog, who definitely did not play in the closet today. Wait, actually, yeah. He admits to that.

16. This dog, who is not here for being on his owner's schedule when it comes to leaving the dog park.

17. This dog, who would really rather just not talk about it, okay?

18. This dog, who is the worst at sneaking back into the house after a night of partying.

19. This dog, who ran away, scared his owners to death, and then had SUCH second thoughts.

20. This evil genius.

21. This puppy who ate a bee and learned the hard way that some rules are not made to be broken.


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