18 Dogs With A Major Case Of The Zoomies

Zoo∙mies, noun: that thing where dogs go crazy all of a sudden and race around for no apparent reason.

1. If you listen close, you can hear the Doppler effect in action.

Blurry photo of dog running
credit: Reddit

2. "Zoom with me, my friend!"

3. So much zoom in such a little package.

Blurry photo of puppy running
credit: Reddit

4. Nyoom!

5. Kind of a weird looking dog, but we're not here to judge.

6. Cold paws!

Blurry photo of dog running on snow
credit: Reddit

7. "What, you never saw a dog zoom before?"

8. Gonna zoom in 3, 2, 1 ...

Blurry photo of dog running
credit: Reddit


10. All dogs zoom. No exceptions.

Photo of cloud that looks like running dog
credit: Reddit

11. Around and around and around and ...

12. Our DewVision™ camera allows us to track zoomies more accurately than ever before.

Running dog leaving paths in dewy grass
credit: Reddit

13. Puppy's first zoom.

14. When you're ready to zoom, but your feet haven't caught up yet.

Photos of dog going from neutral to excited
credit: Reddit

15. Comin' in hot!

16. Miraculous doggos doin a zoom on water.

Three dogs running on water
credit: Reddit

17. Accidentally booped the zoom button.

18. Oh yeah, this one is going on the mantelpiece for sure.

Family portrait of three young boys sitting on a tree stump while dog races around them
credit: Reddit