15 Dogs Who Are Very Proud Of The Mess They Made

What's the only thing dogs love more than being helpful? Making a ridiculously big mess.

1. "Look! I made it better!"

Great Dane surrounded by cushion padding.
credit: Photobucket

2. "Aren't you excited?"

Puppy sitting next to destroyed phone and packaging.
credit: Reddit

3. "Let the renovations begin!"

Beagle sitting next to sign that says "Lily is my name. Eating walls is my game. :("
credit: Dog Shaming

4. "Shame? What is shame?"

Australian Shepherd next to destroyed leather ottoman, wearing a sign that reads "I Have NO Shame :)"
credit: Dog Shaming

5. "You forgot to make the bed this morning, so I helped."

6. "I like to call it 'pre-carved.'"

Dog next to partially eaten pumpkin wearing a sign that says "I ate the boy's pumpkin while everyone was asleep."
credit: Dog Shaming

7. "It's much cozier now."

8. "I sorted the trash for you."

Dog sitting amid scattered trash. Caption: This is why we cant have nice things
credit: Puppy Leaks

9. "We decided that the patio furniture needed some modifications."

Golden retrievers surrounded by pillow stuffing with a speech bubble that says "Look Mom... We ate the porch swing cushions! Aren't you proud?"
credit: Dog Shaming

10. "Don't worry, I like to spend some time alone with my thoughts."

Golden lab sitting next to ripped furniture. Caption: I had a really good time today while you were out!
credit: Dog Shaming

11. "The couch needed nibbles. What do you want from me?"

Dog sitting on leather couch with a hole in it.
credit: Forum Auto

12. "My skills include barking, running, and gardening."

Husky dog surrounded by dirt and destroyed plants. Caption: I like surprising my Mom with art projects like this one. I don't think she liked it very much. Maybe I didn't use enough potting soil.
credit: Dog Shaming

13. "I know I have all these bones and stuff, but TP is more fun."

14. "Welcome home! I have composed a song for you."

Maltese dog standing on a piano on top of chewed up sheet music. Caption: Look at my face. You know you can't stay angry at me.
credit: Dog Shaming

15. "Is a 'thank you' too much to ask?"

Dog sitting next to destroyed door. Caption: There was a spider. It's gone now.
credit: Reddit