15 Dogs Who Are Very Proud Of The Mess They Made

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What's the only thing dogs love more than being helpful? Making a ridiculously big mess.

1. "Look! I made it better!"

2. "Aren't you excited?"

3. "Let the renovations begin!"

4. "Shame? What is shame?"

5. "You forgot to make the bed this morning, so I helped."

6. "I like to call it 'pre-carved.'"

7. "It's much cozier now."

8. "I sorted the trash for you."

9. "We decided that the patio furniture needed some modifications."

10. "Don't worry, I like to spend some time alone with my thoughts."

11. "The couch needed nibbles. What do you want from me?"

12. "My skills include barking, running, and gardening."

13. "I know I have all these bones and stuff, but TP is more fun."

14. "Welcome home! I have composed a song for you."

15. "Is a 'thank you' too much to ask?"