20 Lazy Pets Who Have Melted Into Pancakes

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These animals are melting so hard you'd think they were polar ice caps.

1. Bleh.

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2. Great, someone spilled guinea pig on the couch.

3. The Purrsistence of Memory

4. "Thanks, but I'm good right where I am."

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5. The cat underneath doesn't seem too concerned about getting dribbled on.

6. Slowly, but surely becoming one with the pillows.

7. If the Wicked Witch of the West got reincarnated as a kitty ...

8. birb go blorp

9. If the cat is here, where is the shower curtain??

10. Ducks reach their melting point at approximately 90°F.

11. This poor cat's limbs have already been absorbed into its body.

12. "Don't judge me."

13. Hamster pancakes!

14. Put a bucket under that before it gets all over the floor.

15. Just sleep it off.

16. There's a reason owls are nocturnal.

17. "Mkay, that's enough pets."

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18. Fun fact: the jowls on a dog are called 'flews.'

19. Well, what did you think would happen if you left it out in the sun?

20. Keep your chocolate in a cool, dark place to keep it from melting.