17 Wholesome Pet Memes That Will Hug Your Heart So Good

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Pets are so silly and these memes are the proof.

1. "When you've been watching Netflix for 6 straight hours and you need to stretch."

He's watching "Jiro Dreams of Sushi" for the third time.


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2. "Just told this shelter kitten she is coming home with us..."

"I get to enslave you and rule over your house for reals?"


3. "When you're completely oblivious to the fact that life is about to crush you..."

Awww, this puppy is gonna learn about situational awareness!


4. "Just a quick power nap..."

It's a very big park for such a little guy.


5. "When you get called a good boy but you're just being yourself"

6. She likes to collect rocks.

"Not to brag, but I've got like seven of them."



7. "Here's a little song I wrote called, 'Give Me Treats Mike'"

8. "My cat caught a lizard and had no idea how to proceed"

"Come on Chloe. Get it together, girl. You've been training for this moment all your life. You caught the lizard. Think, think think. What comes next."



10. Walks up to a house and hopes there's like a lot of cats in there.

11. "Just when you thought cats couldn't get any scarier..."

Cat Jason doesn't need a knife because claws are his knives!!!! Also his victims are like leaves and catnip mousies, so ...



12. "Do not bite a hand that feed you but nibble ok" - ancient dog proverb

"Still gotta show 'em who's boss."


13. "This cat just fell out of my apartment hall ceiling."

Oh what a feeling when the ceiling is raining cats.

14. This is how demure and cute I look when I steal my husbands fries.

15. "Washing his favorite toys. He looks very concerned."

"You sure about this?"


16. One of these cotton balls looks angry.

17. "HAHAHAHA a cat meowed on tv exactly as I took this"

"The cat in the tv box. He speaks to me."

18. "This is fine."


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