17 Wholesome Pet Memes That Will Hug Your Heart So Good

Pets are so silly.

1. "Oof."

Funny meme about watching Netflix too long and needing to stretch with a fat cat stretching
credit: dumpaday.com

He's watching "Jiro Dreams of Sushi" for the third time.

2. "You mean it?!"

Kitten looking very surprised and happy that she is being adopted
credit: Imgur

"I get to enslave you and rule over your house for reals?"

2. Awww, this puppy is gonna learn about situational awareness!

Puppy about to get pounced by two old cats
credit: Imgur

3. It's a very big park for such a little guy ...

Tiny little puppy snoozing on a park bench
credit: Tumblr

4. When the good boy knows he's a good boy ...

Cute puppy meme about being called a good boy, but just being yourself
credit: pp365.co

5. "Not to brag, but I've got like seven of them."

Happy cat who likes to collect rocks
credit: Imgur

6. "Don't make me sing the song Michael."

Dog in a costume
credit: Reddit

7. "Come on Chloe. Get it together, girl. You've been training for this moment all your life. You caught the lizard. Think, think think. What comes next."

Cat surprised it caught a lizard
credit: Reddit


Dog excited about his own birthday cake
credit: Reddit

9. Walks up to a house and hopes there's like a lot of cats in there.

Dog mat says "Just so you know, there's like a lot of dogs in here" and there is like five dogs in the house!
credit: Imgur

10. Cat Jason doesn't need a knife.

Cat in Jason mask
credit: Imgur

Claws are his knives!!!! Also his victims are like leaves and catnip mousies, so ...

11. "Still gotta show 'em who's boss."

Cute puppy nibbling on fingers.
credit: Reddit

12. Oh what a feeling when there's cats in the ceiling.

Cat fell out of apartment hall ceiling
credit: Reddit

13. This is how demure and cute I look when I steal my husbands fries.

Kitten eating a french fry
credit: Imgur

14. "You sure about this?"

Yorkie looking at his toys in dryer looking very concerned
credit: Reddit

15. One of these cotton balls looks angry.

Big fluffy white cat looking at white fluffy puppy all mad
credit: Imgur

16. "The cat in the tv box. He speaks to me."

Snapchat of a cat looking surprised because a cat meowed on tv
credit: The Chive

17. "This is fine."