18 Pet Memes To Bring You Joy

Pets are silly, but maybe that's why we love them.

1. "But also I pooped on the floor."

Dog looking at owner lovingly
credit: Imgur

2. You have a cat now.

Cat sneaked into house
credit: Imgur

And I think his name is Ninja.

3. It's actually nice and warm in his hot dog costume and he doesn't mind at all.

Dog has to wear hotdog costume to go outside because he is small and can sneak out of the fence
credit: Imgur

4. "So, I'll just wait in here while YOU get your checkup from the vet because I am just fine."

Cat hiding in garbage can at vet's
credit: Imgur

5. Ok, but to be fair, hammocks are kind of hard to navigate.

Dog tangled up in hammock
credit: Reddit

6. Cats are bad roommates.

Cat trashed the kitchen and is licking his butt in the cupboard
credit: Imgur

7. Well, except Carl. Carl is a good roommate.

8. "My person loves hiking, but sometimes he is a sucker. This is how we finish hikes."

Dog getting carried on a hike and smiling
credit: Reddit

9. "I've gotta lay off the nip."

Cat with wrinkled whiskers
credit: Reddit

10. Newsflash: dogs like to get comfy.

Dog who is smart and carries a pillow on the couch to nap
credit: Reddit

11. "Hello!"

Dog caught on camera
credit: Reddit

12. Stripey friends.

Cat and a lizard snuggling
credit: Reddit

13. Good compromise, dog.

Dog trying to sit in the sunshine with a cat but the cat is scary
credit: mandatory.com

14. "Where. My. Treat."

Cat is mad that her brother got a treat
credit: Reddit

15. "Hello. It is I, the dog who is not on a diet, requesting to be fed please."

Hungry dog holding food bowl
credit: Imgur

16. He loves his custom snoot holder.

Dog sleeping weird in car
credit: Imgur

17. Please harbor the pizza thief.

Dog with pizza
credit: Reddit

18. "Ohhh, takeout."

Three cats looking at a mouse in a cage
credit: motika.com.mk