18 Pet Memes To Bring You Joy

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Pets are silly, but maybe that's why we love them.

1. "But also I pooped on the floor."

2. You have a cat now.

And I think his name is Ninja.

3. It's actually nice and warm in his hot dog costume and he doesn't mind at all.

4. "So, I'll just wait in here while YOU get your checkup from the vet because I am just fine."

5. Ok, but to be fair, hammocks are kind of hard to navigate.

6. Cats are bad roommates.

7. Well, except Carl. Carl is a good roommate.

8. "My person loves hiking, but sometimes he is a sucker. This is how we finish hikes."

9. "I've gotta lay off the nip."

10. Newsflash: dogs like to get comfy.

11. "Hello!"

12. Stripey friends.

13. Good compromise, dog.

14. "Where. My. Treat."

15. "Hello. It is I, the dog who is not on a diet, requesting to be fed please."

16. He loves his custom snoot holder.

17. Please harbor the pizza thief.

18. "Ohhh, takeout."