18 Pet Memes To Bring You Joy

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Pets are silly, but that's why we love them.

1. "My dogs do this amazing thing where they just exist and make my whole life better for it."

2. "Ninja level 99. Came home in the rain. Found this guy in our kitchen ... we don't have a cat."

3. "He’s so small he can sneak through the fence when he goes outside, so he must wear the escape-proof wiener bun of shame at potty time."

4. "So, I'll just wait in here while YOU get your checkup from the vet because I am just fine."

5. Ok, but to be fair, hammocks are kind of hard to navigate.

6. "This is what I woke up to today. Jerk."

Cats are bad roommates.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

7. Well, except Carl. Carl is a good roommate.

8. "My person loves hiking, but sometimes he is a sucker. This is how we finish hikes."

9. "Someone slept too long and wrinkled her whiskers"

Lay off the nip, gurl.


10. "He will carry a pillow to the couch just to put his head on it"

Newsflash: dogs like to get comfy.


11. "I bought a camera to spy on my dog while I'm gone. I think he knows..."




12. "They may be an odd couple but they love each other."

Stripey friends.


13. "Our dog wants to lay in the sun too, but she's afraid of our cat."

Good compromise, dog.


14. "Curie thought she saw her brother get a treat. Thus began an interpretive protest dance."

"Where. My. Treat."


15. "My parents' dog was just put on a diet. This is now how he greets me"

"Hello. It is I, the dog who is not on a diet, requesting to be fed please."



16. "The way my sisters dog fell asleep in the car."

He loves his custom snoot holder.

17. Please harbor the pizza thief.

Please harbor this pizza thief.

18. "My girlfriend brought our pet mouse to her mothers to visit."

"Ohhh, takeout."


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