17 Photos Of Dogs Taken At Just The Right Moment

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These beautiful dogs have more grace in the tip of their tail than most of us could ever hope to have for ourselves.

1. English Bulldogs are known for their dignified disposition.

2. Is there anything as lovely as the graceful water dog?

3. Majestically wrinkly.

4. "Why is this other dog's nose so cold?"

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5. It's stately behavior like this that makes Corgis the Queen's favorite breed.

6. Good guard dogs always act in a manner appropriate to their station.

7. Rush hour collision.

8. Such poise! Such composure!

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9. There's one in every family.

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10. The jumping looked amazing. The landing was difficult.

11. Nothing like the taste of fresh sea air.

12. "I meant to do that."

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13. That's the face of someone who's getting some very good tummy rubbing.

14. Make sure you take the time to really appreciate the natural beauty of this landscape.

15. No one looks dignified when they're eating watermelon, OK?

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16. Agility and athleticism in one majestic package.

17. Few of us will ever reach this level of relaxation and look so composed at the same time.

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