19 Dogs Hustling at The Pool Hall

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Being a good pool player is a gift these dogs do not take for granted. Every day, they're hustling!

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Video of the Day

Video of the Day

1. Let's see you shoot!

2. Wait, so I have to break?

3. You said this table wasn't for eating? Huh?

4. Watch and learn, my friend.

5. Lining up the perfect shot.

6. When's it my turn?

7. Wait, I can't chase these balls at all?

8. The cue stick is a little too big for me.

9. Watch me his this combo.

10. King of the pool hall.

11. Can I hit with my nose?

12. 5 ball, corner pocket.

13. Best 2 out of 3?

14. I got this, just watch.

15. Pool requires some clever thinking!

16. I guess this is not the kind of pool you swim in...

17. Hurry up, I'm ready to play!

18. Can I take a little nap between games?

19. Get ready to lose!!!