19 Dogs Hustling at The Pool Hall

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Being a good pool player is a gift these dogs do not take for granted. Every day, they're hustling!

1. Let's see you shoot!

2. Wait, so I have to break?

3. You said this table wasn't for eating? Huh?

4. Watch and learn, bud.

5. Lining up the perfect shot.

6. When's it my turn?

7. Wait, I can't chase these balls at all?

8. The cue stick is a little too big for me.

9. Watch me his this combo.

10. King of the pool hall.

11. Can I hit with my nose?

12. 5 ball, corner pocket.

13. Best 2 out of 3?

14. I got this, just watch.

15. Pool requires some clever thinking!

16. I guess this is not the kind of pool you swim in...

17. Hurry up, I'm ready to play!

18. Can I take a little nap between games?

19. Get ready to lose!!!


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