These 17 Very Unusual Dogs Would Like You To Pet Them Please

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, including some shapes and sizes that might not seem very dog-like. They're not weird, they're unique, okay?

1. This is a good dog. It says so right on the bowl.

Tortoise drinking out of water bowl that says "good dog"
credit: Tumblr

2. It's amazing what some dogs will bring back when you play fetch.

Pig retrieving a large branch.
credit: Reddit

3. Look at these puppies playing in their backyard!

4. The owners got a good deal on this dog bed - it was under a buck.

Deer laying on dog bed.
credit: Imgur

5. This dog's owner made them matching outfits and accessories.

Tortoise in a pink outfit walking next to man holding a matching pink tote bag.
credit: Twitter

6. This dog has a serious case of the zoomies.

7. Handsome Huskies, all four of them.

Three Huskies and a cat posing on a log.
credit: Instagram

8. This dog loves tummy rubs.

9. Give it a few seconds.

Three dogs and a pig wait for a tennis ball to be thrown.
credit: Tumblr

10. Dogs all over the world love sticks.

Two elephants, one of which is holding a stick
credit: Reddit

11. What a cozy looking dog bed!

Miniature donkey sleeping in a dog bed.
credit: Facebook

12. This dog loves bath time.

13. This dog is very well trained on a leash.

Otter wearing a harness and leash.
credit: ZooBorns

14. Dogs + kids = a magically adorable combination.

15. Indoor skeet shooting is a new sport, and this dog is really into it.

16. Mom and her puppy both love playing with their ball.

17. OMG fluffiest dog ever!

Very fluffy bunny
credit: Cute Overload