These 17 Very Unusual Dogs Would Like You To Pet Them Please

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Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, including some shapes and sizes that might not seem very dog-like. They're not weird, they're just unique, okay?

1. This is a good dog. It says so right on the bowl.

2. It's amazing what some dogs will bring back when you play fetch.

3. Look at these puppies playing in their backyard!

4. The owners got a good deal on this dog bed - it was under a buck.

5. This dog's owner made them matching outfits and accessories.

6. This dog has a serious case of the zoomies.

7. Handsome Huskies, all four of them.

8. This dog loves tummy rubs.

9. "I was so focused on the one dog sitting patiently in the back that I didn't even realize"

10. Dogs all over the world love sticks.

11. What a cozy looking dog bed!

12. This dog loves bath time.

13. This dog is very well trained on a leash.

14. Dogs + kids = a magically adorable combination.

15. Indoor skeet shooting is a new sport, and this dog is really into it.

16. Mom and her puppy both love playing with their ball.

17. OMG fluffiest dog ever!


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