21 Pet GIFs That Will Refresh Your Soul

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Nothing quite captures the goofiness of animals like a couple seconds of captured movement.

1. Enough is enough.

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2. "I got you, buddy!"

3. The pact is sealed.

4. When the long weekend hits and you don't have to worry about work until Tuesday.

5. Pat pat pat.

6. It's not a useless talent if it gets you internet famous.

7. Gesundheit!

8. A true copycat.

9. Go team!

10. "This is a judgement free zone, got it?"

11. Classic love/hate relationship.

12. Buffering... buffering... buffering...

13. They call this the Reverse Lion King.

14. "Found you!"

15. Wait for it.

16. "No take! Only throw!"

17. No one has ever loved the beach as much as this dog loves the beach.

18. "This guy has some great moves!"

19. Nailed it.

20. "Excuse you, I am totally a lap dog."

21. Puppy love.


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