17 Lazy Animals Who Are Pretending It's The Weekend

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Sometimes all you can do when you get home is put on your coziest sweats, and fantasize that tomorrow isn't a workday.

1. Netflix and popcorn and chill.

2. Not everyone can look both lazy and classy at the same time.

3. "What do you mean it's not Friday? I'm already in my onesie."

4. Contacts out, pants off, let's weekend.

5. "Stay up until 3am looking at memes? Don't mind if I do."

6. Bunception

7. Just checking ticket prices. They say Paris is lovely this time of year.

8. Yessss, new episode of Squirrels.

9. "Hey, so I left my snacks in the other room..."

10. When Netflix has the audacity to ask if you're still watching.

11. When you get home from work and are trying to decide between going to the gym or having a few glasses of wine.

12. These cookies ain't gonna eat themselves.

13. "Just gonna slowly fuse with this chair if that's cool."

14. "Move, please. There's a couch with our name on it."

15. Trying to reach the remote with as little physical effort as possible.

16. A kindred spirit.

17. Shhh.


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