16 Fuzzy Animals to Improve Your Outlook on Life

State of the world got you down? No worries, friend. These adorable critters are here to prove that there is still goodness to be glad about.

1. Dogs make the best teddy bears.

2. Isn't this the most adorable little cloud?

3. Pre-rinse cycle.

4. Look at those fuzzy little noses!

5. Office hijinks.

6. "Say what now?"

7. Must... resist... the tum...

8. What a smile!

9. Pure bliss.

10. "I'm helping!"

11. Who's a handsome pupper? Is it this one? Yes it is!

12. Fresh toe beans, anyone?

13. "Procrastinate with me. You know you want to."

14. Just contemplating life.

15. "How YOU doin'?"

16. Counting fish is the new counting sheep.