18 Hilarious Photos Of Dogs Guaranteed To Make Your Brain Release Endorphins

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We traveled the internet far and wide to bring you this collection of truly excellent dog photos.

1. This is how the uprising begins.

2. Wig? Centipede? Nope! Is doggo!

3. Corgis are a summer crop.


5. Big doggo do a monch on pupper

6. Finally!

7. How good a doggo? 40 treats good a doggo!

8. "If I fits, I sits" dog edition.

9. So full of love.

10. Meerdog

11. "Paws? What paws?"

12. Not all heroes wear capes.

13. Good pupper does a recycles.

14. *Groan*

15. They'll be best friends in no time. Probably.

16. Whee!

17. Weekend vibes.

18. You're welcome.