18 Hilarious Photos Of Dogs Guaranteed To Make Your Brain Release Endorphins

We traveled the internet far and wide to bring you this collection of truly excellent dog photos.

1. This is how the uprising begins.

Dog sitting on top of No Dogs Allowed sign.
credit: Imgur

2. Wig? Centipede? Nope! Is doggo!

Fluffy dog.
credit: Reddit

3. Corgis are a summer crop.

Corgi sitting in flower pot.
credit: Twitter


Dog leaning on car horn.
credit: Tumblr

5. Big doggo do a monch on pupper

Dog with its mouth on a puppy's head.
credit: Tumblr

6. Finally!

Dog eating a strawberry.
credit: Imgur

7. How good a doggo? 40 treats good a doggo!

Dog with a stack of treats balanced on its nose.
credit: Reddit

8. "If I fits, I sits" dog edition.

Big dog curled into small laundry basket.
credit: Funny Junk

9. So full of love.

Dog gradually moving closer and closer to owner.
credit: Imgur

10. Meerdog

Dog sitting up like a meerkat.
credit: Reddit

11. "Paws? What paws?"

Dog hiding its paws to avoid having its nails trimmed.
credit: Imgur

12. Not all heroes wear capes.

Dog protecting bag of chips.
credit: Cheezburger

13. Good pupper does a recycles.

Puppy holding empty plastic bottle.
credit: Reddit

14. *Groan*

Dog telling a pun.
credit: Imgur

15. They'll be best friends in no time. Probably.

Dog looking skeptically at puppy.
credit: Reddit

16. Whee!

Dog on a skateboard.
credit: Imgur

17. Weekend vibes.

Dog lounging on couch in robe with remote.
credit: Tumblr

18. You're welcome.

Dog on a poster.
credit: Reddit