18 Memes About Pugs That Will Crack You Up

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Pugs are the ultimate in "ugly cute." They went straight past ugly and landed on cute again. So what if they look like chubby gargoyles? They're sweet and cuddly, and that's all we need.

1. "Howdy, neighbor!"

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2. Handle with care, OK?

3. "If I recall correctly ..."

4. Nice one!

5. Bamboozled again.

6. When you come home from work early

7. A rare sighting of the ladypug in nature!

8. That look of betrayal.

9. OMG!! Broccoli?!

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10. puggo does a swim

11. Want a guaranteed self-esteem boost?

12. Stay calm.

13. Life goals.

14. "I have no idea what you're talking about."

15. Instant regret.

16. What a life, man.

17. Priorities.

18. "Sign here plz"