18 Memes About Pugs That Will Crack You Up

Pugs are the ultimate in "ugly cute." They went straight past ugly and landed on cute again. So what if they look like chubby gargoyles? They're sweet and cuddly, and that's all we need.

1. "Howdy, neighbor!"

Friendly group of pugs
credit: Imgur

2. Handle with care, OK?

Pug wrapped in bubble wrap
credit: Twitter

3. "If I recall correctly ..."

Pug puppy looking and pointing in two different diections
credit: Lucky Pug

4. Nice one!

Pug puppy giving human a high five
credit: Instagram

5. Bamboozled again.

Pug in a bumblebee costume
credit: Imgur

6. When you come home from work early

Guilty looking pug eating strip of newspaper.
credit: Lucky Pug

7. A rare sighting of the ladypug in nature!

Ladybug with pug head.
credit: Reddit

8. That look of betrayal.

Pug puppy in a bubble bath.
credit: Tumblr

9. OMG!! Broccoli?!

10. puggo does a swim

Pug looking awkward in a swimming pool.
credit: Pug Weekly

11. Want a guaranteed self-esteem boost?

Photo of pug's jowly chin.
credit: Instagram

12. Stay calm.

Nervous looking pug peeking head around corner.
credit: Reddit

13. Life goals.

Pug with a blanket and glass of wine.
credit: Twitter

14. "I have no idea what you're talking about."

15. Instant regret.

Pug jumping on trampoline
credit: Flickr

16. What a life, man.

Pug yawning.
credit: Lucky Pug

17. Priorities.

Pug asleep until the fridge door opens.
credit: Instagram

18. "Sign here plz"

Pug in a UPS delivery driver costume.
credit: Imgur