18 Memes About Pugs That Will Crack You Up

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Pugs are the ultimate in "ugly cute." They went straight past ugly and landed on cute again. So what if they look like chubby gargoyles? They're sweet and cuddly, and that's all we need.

1. "Howdy, neighbor!"

2. When ur sensitive and don't want to be hurt no more

Handle with care, OK?


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

3. "If I recall correctly ... he went those ways"

4. When someone repeats your joke louder than you and everyone laughs so your friend gives you the credit you deserve

Nice one!


5. Bambuzzled again.

6. When you come home from work early

7. A rare sighting of the ladypug in nature!

8. That look of betrayal.

9. OMG!! Broccoli?!

10. "heck vry wet"

11. When you accidentally open the front camera

12. "I don't wish to alamr you but someone just took a dookie on the rug"

Stay calm.



13. Life goals.

14. "Couch potato? Does it come wrapped in bacon?"

15. This is what happens when a pug jumps on a trampoline of his own volition

16. Did nothing all day - still so exhausted.

17. Door bell

Thunder storm


Fridge door

Life is all about priorities, amirite or amirite?


18. Good afternoon, I have a smol package for you courtesy of the United Pug Service, it is unconditional love

"Sign here plz"


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