19 Funny Tweets About Pets Guaranteed To Make You Spit Up Your Drink

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Laughing out loud or laughing out lemonade?


Video of the Day

1. "It was a long, tough negotiation but I’m allowed to leave again provided I up the treat ante leading up to my departure."

2. Twinsies for the winsies!

3. This plant is dead, RIP this plant. Cause of death: lack of water. (Press play to watch.)

Find me one more example and we officially have a trend:

4. You can't stop noodle pup, you can only hope to contain him. (Press play to watch.)

5. Photoshop is officially CANCELLED, welp.

6. COUNTERPOINT: It's not.

7. Trust us, you'll want to unmute this one. (Press play to watch.)

8. Oh Katie, will you ever learn? (Press play to watch.)

9. * Throws credit card at laptop *

10. Because sharing is caring.

11. The exact moment your pup goes rogue because he saw you petting the dog who lives across the street. *


Asterisk = Don't worry, everyone was OK.


12. 10/10 sitcom lovers would watch a reboot of The Office with doggos. (Press play to watch.)

13. Monday mood.

14. Also me after learning that the donuts in the break room were all gone.

15. This is how you dog mom.

See, what a champ. (Press play to watch.)

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15. This yearbook > All other yearbooks.

16. Dog.exe has stopped working. (Press play to watch.)

17. When the sign is lava.

18. Never. A. Dull. Moment. (Press play to watch.)


100% cosigning on this sentiment:

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