17 Ridiculous Pet Memes That Will Rinse Your Cruddy Heart Clean

I can't even.

1. Chloe's makeup tutorials are getting weird.

Dog looking in makeup compact's mirror
credit: Imgur

2. Summertime sadness.

Dog eating an ice cream cone with brain freeze!
credit: Imgur

3. Like literally ...

Cute dog and cute kitten
credit: Imgur

4. Science Lab should totally be a kid's show.

Lab in a science lab
credit: Tumblr

5. "No matter how bad things get, I got you, cat pillow."

Dog using cat as a pillow. Very sweet.
credit: Daily Mail

"I love you too, big dog head."

6. Of course cats know how to spell.

Cat sleeping in a big C
credit: The Chive

7. And getting his antidepressants refilled.

Happy cat sitting in a sink at the vet's office
credit: descrea.us

8. I love catry music.

Rhinestone Catboy is a good song, too.

9. This new spa treatment:

Two sleeping kittens in a lap
credit: The Chive

10. If I could be reincarnated into a dog, it would be this dog.

Dog sitting on 5 pillows!
credit: dumpaday.com

11. Bast helps the cat who helps himself.

Cat trying to get his treats!
credit: Imgur

12. He is going to catch the bad bois.

Police puppy in a big police dog's vest.
credit: Pinterest

13. Drinkies with your butt in the air like you don't care.

Cat drinking water with his butt in the air
credit: The Chive

14. Dog tip: fart on the new puppy to show him who is boss.

Old dog sitting on a puppy
credit: Pinterest

Humans, do not use this tip.

15. We can go anywhere you want, buddy.

Cute puppy with paws on the steering wheel
credit: Imgur

16. But he only knows how to make Salty Dogs and Greyhounds.

Dog being a barktender
credit: humorside.com

17. She loves her catfeeder.

Smart  cat sitting and waiting for birds in a bird feeder
credit: Pinterest