17 Ridiculous Pet Memes That Will Rinse Your Cruddy Heart Clean

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I can't even.


1. Chloe's makeup tutorials are getting weird.

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2. Summertime sadness.

3. Like literally ...

4. Science Lab should totally be a kid's show.

5. "No matter how bad things get, I got you, cat pillow."

"I love you too, big dog head."


6. Of course cats know how to spell.

7. And getting his antidepressants refilled.

8. I love catry music.

Rhinestone Catboy is a good song, too.


9. This new spa treatment:

10. If I could be reincarnated into a dog, it would be this dog.

11. Bast helps the cat who helps himself.

12. He is going to catch the bad bois.

13. Drinkies with your butt in the air like you don't care.

14. Dog tip: fart on the new puppy to show him who is boss.

Humans, do not use this tip.


15. We can go anywhere you want, buddy.

16. But he only knows how to make Salty Dogs and Greyhounds.

17. She loves her catfeeder.