18 Dogs With Supremely Boopable Snoots

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These are not regular dogs with regular noses. No, indeed, you will find only the softest, dampest, and most adorable of snoots on this list. Snoots worthy of boops!

1. Boop-ability: 10/10

2. "My coworker brought in her greyhound to work and I've never seen a snoot more majestic."

3. Took the pup on a joy ride with the windows down. I think he enjoyed it.

4. To boop? Or not to boop?

5. BIG boopable snoot, plenty of clearance.

6. A very patient and well-trained snoot!

7. "It took all my willpower to not boop snoot."

8. You know you want to.

9. Peek-a-boop!

10. "Mae just wants a boop."

11. Snoot ready for booping, head ready for pats.

12. Not sure how much clearer to make it.

13. Waiting for boops or waiting for treats?

14. How many boops would you give?

15. "Logan is waiting patiently for his nightly snoot boops."

16. He can smell the boop coming from a mile away.

17. "Koa presents her snoot for boop."

18. A truly fine snoot, and what a smile!


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