People Are Photoshopping Cats Into Those School Portraits With Laser Backgrounds & We Can't Stop Laughing

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Cats + Photoshop + frickin lasers = top-tier internet content.

1. "It looks like one of those 90s awkward sibling JCPenny photos. Can someone edit to make it so?"

"When I was in school you could get either laser beams OR the faint mirror image, but certainly not both at the same time. These are some lucky cats."

2. "Marco finally got his school picture done for the year. I never can get him to smile, himb a moody teen 😒 (and yes, I did buy the wallet pack for the fam)"

3. "Caught Iris mid sneeze and I think she looks like she’s taking a school picture lol will someone make it look more legit? 😸😸😸"

"This takes me back to 4th Grade, 1989. Just add glasses, braces & the shaggy 'doo."

4. "Hello. This is Lifetouch calling about OC's school picture package. Will you be ordering 8x10s or the canvas package?"

5. "Achilles is a devastatingly handsome boy we rescued from drowning in a rainstorm. We are trying to find his forever home for him since we already have a full house. Can anyone make a 90's school picture for him?"

"I'd do anything to help get a cat get adopted" - the artist who crafted this masterpiecec

6. "Can someone photoshop this little boy into one of those laser backgrounds from public school picture day?"

"BRB, off to the frame store"

7. "This is what I call RJ’s “school picture” pose. Can someone help me make this look more like a school picture?"

"He's channeling me in grade school 😂😂😂"

8. "Lol Can someone please please PLEASE put a school picture background behind him?!? I've always said he looks like a ticked off kid in a school picture here. 🤣🤣😍"

"He was voted BMOC (Big Mouser On Campus) by his classmates"

9. "So this picture of my boy Milo reminds me of a school picture and I'm a proud mom who wants a different background 😂 please help TIA"

"Him an old school 90s kid now"

10. "Can someone please Photoshop a grade school “picture day” background for my best gorl?"

"***Edit: you guys are amazing and exceeding my expectations!"


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