These 18 Funny Pet Pics Will Make Your Heart LOL 18 Times

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Eighteen smiles! Eighteen funny animal pics!

1. "Wanna go for a w-"

That's a solid yes.

2. This cat is not allowed to watch Kill Bill anymore.

"Just like all Yankee women, all you are good at is ordering in restaurants... and spending a man's money!"


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

3. "This is my dog realizing he's on FaceTime with me & my family because we are away on vacation and look how happy he got"

"Hey, IT'S YOU GUYS! I know you guys!"


4. Short dog problems...

Through the ages, short dogs developed long tongues to help them reach food. It's evolution.


5. How to introduce your cats to the new cat:

6. "Rocco is extremely proud of his weight loss at the pet clinic"

Way to go, Rocco!



7. You have created some kind of French toast monster.

8. He never gets tired of that joke.

9. "Those eyes. You're doomed. Just go buy every toy in the store. It's too late for you."

*in the best and cutest possible way and we are totally jelly.


10. Our tabbies are coming in beautifully this year.

11. "Bear likes to hold his feet when he sleeps"

Bear is like, really into yoga.



12. "Hello."

13. Dog: "But Mom, he started it. He scratched me." Cat: "He's not lying."

14. "Pretty sure out cat thinks the new fish tank is his personal t.v."

He's been binge-watching this fish show for weeks.


15. "Get in loser, we're going barking"

Adorable peer pressure from cute dogs is still peer pressure



16. "When you let a small obstacle keep you from achieving your dreams"

Come on buddy, you know what to do!

17. "I get off the plane and the first thing I see"


18. This new diet is terrible.


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