17 LOL-Worthy Animal Pics To Make You Chuckle

Animals are so goofy; we love them so much.

1. It was the cat, right?

2. Leland was not kidding him.

3. He's not mad, he's just disappointed.

Dog not very happy about being forgot
credit: Srirachabear

4. The Three Muscateers.

5. A little known fact about tigers is they like to pretend stuff.

Tiger maybe pretending to be a lion
credit: Srirachabear

6. "Please loops and milk."

A fat cat wants Fruit Loops
credit: Just Viral

7. We only wear cute little socks.

A Pomeranian wearing socks
credit: Srirachabear

8. His real eyes are doing that too because he doesn't think it's funny.

Dog with fake, funny eyes
credit: Claudine191

9. "I ordered the burger and fries, Jessica."

10. Bunnies seem comfortable to sit on.

11. This is what true love looks like:

Kinda sweet, kinda goofy.

12. Ploop.

13. "Would like carrot back please."

14. Boris was always a little off.

15. My new favorite band, The Barkstreet Boys.

16. They are magical cats and they are going to send you on a quest.

Probably for cat nip or treats or something.

17. That's a yes.