16 LOL-Worthy Animal Pics To Make You Chuckle

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Animals are so goofy and we love them so much.

1. Sells dime bags of catnip in the parking lot when you're not looking.

2. "Leland are you kidding me?"

Narrator: Leland was not kidding him.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

3. "When I worked at a dog daycare, I'd bring my dog with me (because duh). I one got off from work and was SO HUNGRY I left without him. My manager sent me this picture about 10 minutes later saying 'you forgot something'. His expression says it all."

He's not mad, he's just hungry himself.


4. All For One, One For All

The Three Muscateers.


5. "He's pretending to be a lion I'm gonna die"

A little known fact about tigers is they like to pretend stuff.


6. "Please loops and milk."

7. "Ummmm, we don't wear shoes in the house thankyouvermuch"

We only wear cute little socks.



8. His real eyes are doing that too because he doesn't think it's funny.

9. "Salad? Do I look like a salad cat?"

10. "Poor John, Maise has no concept of personal space"

He would stand up for himself if he didn't like it, right? RIGHT?!?!


11. "She won't stop looking at me like this..."

This is what true love looks like: Kinda sweet, kinda goofy.



12. "When you sit down and ...

... your thighs do the thing"



13. "She knows she's not allowed in my office but she 'accidentally' threw her carrot in here. So now she's inching her way in, hoping I won't notice"

"Would like carrot back please."

14. "Boris likes to go into bookshops and stare at people until they leave."

15. "My dogs are dropping their first album"

My new favorite band, The Barkstreet Boys.


16. "In which seven cats all discover the same slightly elevated flat thing and claim it as their own while pretending the other six cats don't exist."

They are magical cats and they are going to send you on a quest — probably for cat nip or treats or something.

17. "When your cat sees bubbles for the first time. He’s absolutely fascinated!"


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