18 Dogs in Wigs Guaranteed to Make Your Mouth Laugh

If you're ever sad, just find a dog and a wig. That's what we always say.

1. "They're dogtails when I wear them."

Cute dog in wig that has pignails
credit: ZuzuLudgate

2. He goes to art shows for the free cheese.

3. Her blep matches her wig!

Chihuahua in pink wig
credit: ZuzuLudgate

4. "You ain't nothin' but a hound dog, being a good boy all the time."

Dog in Elvis wig
credit: ZuzuLudgate

He changed the lyrics to Hound Dog because they were offensive.

5. She thinks she's that girl in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

Corgi in a blue bob
credit: AniceBee

6. He is a freegan.

Chihuahua with dreads
credit: redditMEred

7. Her roller derby name is "Bitch on Wheels."

Happy dog in purple pigtails
credit: TrashKween16

8. He's not only the president of Hair Club for Dogs, he's a client.

Bulldog in a man's toupee
credit: sodypop

9. Tagged pic vs. profile pic.

Two dogs in blonde wigs
credit: TrashKween16

10. Your mom is so happy when you have time to FaceTime with her!

Happy dog in a brunette wig
credit: ZuzuLudgate

11. Here is the host of The Barking Dead.

Dog with blonde wig
credit: ZuzuLudgate

12. He really wants to get you into that new car.

Dog in a short brunette wig
credit: ZuzuLudgate

13. His supervisor is really on his case again.

14. Your older co-worker wants to talk about her health problems.

Dog with a curly wig
credit: ZuzuLudgate

15. "Yaaa, I'm gonna need you to come in on Saturday."

Dog in a short wig
credit: chasingcars4
  • Takes a sip from coffee mug *

16. "As if!"

Dog with a curly blonde wig
credit: TrashKween16

Someone tried to feed her store brand dog food.

17. Marilyn Monruff.

18. It's that scary girl from The Ring!

Dog with long brown wig
credit: TrashKween16