17 Cats All Tarted Up Wearing Makeup

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Cats do like to look their best.

(Editor's note: Aside from image no. 14, which is simply a makeup brush, these images of cats were created with various makeup and social apps. Nobody applied actual makeup to any kitties — although they would look stunning.)


Video of the Day

1. "I'm so purretty."

2. Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's Maybeline.

Spoiler: It's Maybeline.

3. Contouring? More like CATouring!

4. "Paw-lease. I look clawsome."

5. She is all made up and ready to go meowt!

6. "They call it a sexy cat eye for a reason."

You don't see people putting on dog eyeliner, do you? Do you!



7. She just got stood up for her cat date. A total waste of cat makeup.

8. Glamour puss.

9. She purrfers a natural look.

10. "Why so serious hooman."

11. She has a date and she's hoping for a special hiss.

12. Did you use a makeup app on a cat or is this the ghost of the little girl who died on this staircase.

13. For a cat, her makeup tutorials are really good.

14. Someone is feline sassy!

15. She loves to get all dolled up.

16. It's like when a teenager starts to wear makeup for the first time and it's just terrible.

17. "How do you like me meow?"

- slowly closes cupboard door -


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