19 of the Most Genuine Pet Memes

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Years from now, anthropologists will study these memes to understand our culture.

1. "My mom's attempt at making a meme from a pic of my cat. Bless her heart, she pinned it to Pinterest."

Legit funnier than 90% of the memes on Reddit.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

2. When you're going upstate to spend some time in nature

3. "Human what sorcery is this?"

4. When I finally get the attention I deserve



5. They always ask "who's a good girl?", but they never ask "how's the good girl?"

The most poignant meme ever.


6. Them: "Scientists have found a portal to a better world." Me: "Let's go"

7. Me as soon as one leaf hits the ground.

No time to waste, gotta be ready for PSL season



8. This dog poops greatness and barks thunder

9. "Set up the GoPro on the bird feeder to do a time lapse. Found this on one of the pictures..."

Bad ol putty tat.


10. "He chased a lizard and turned around with this face"

11. Waiting for my favorite Halloween movies to come on like...

12. When ur friends cancel on u but it doesn't matter because you were never actually going anyways

Oh you're describing every weekend I see...



13. "I set a possum trap only for my cat Steve to trip it"

Steve is just curious.


14. When you're getting ready for work but you're still half asleep

Every morning ...


15. When the photographer asks you to look seductive


16. Me trying to act normal around my friends but I start thinking about outer space and my own existence

Introspective cat is introspective.


17. "I've never seen anyone so excited for it to rain"

If a person who loves rain is called a pluviophile, a dog who loves rain is called a plutophile.

18. Here it is. The most sincere and beautiful meme, capturing what life is all about:

19. When you believe you can fly


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