19 of the Most Genuine Pet Memes

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Years from now, anthropologists will study these memes to understand our culture.


1. When your mom makes a cat meme and it's actually funnier than most.

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2. Spends $1000 on gear and uses it once.

3. An example of human sorcery.

4. Finally.

5. The most poignant meme ever.

6. Let's go.

7. Ready for PSL season.

8. Same.

9. Bad ol putty tat.

10. He sure did!

11. Soon.

12. Like every weekend ...

13. Steve is just curious.

14. Every morning ...

15. Rawr!

16. Introspective cat is introspective.

17. If a person who loves rain is called a pluviophile, a dog who loves rain is called a plutophile.

18. Here it is. The most sincere and beautiful meme, capturing what life is all about: