19 of the Most Genuine Pet Memes

Years from now, anthropologists will study these memes to understand our culture.

1. When your mom makes a cat meme and it's actually funnier than most.

Cat sitting on coffee maker
credit: lemonjellos

2. Spends $1000 on gear and uses it once.

Pug all dressed up in Timberlands and outdoor stuff
credit: anlyin

3. An example of human sorcery.

Cat looking at bubble
credit: WillHunting08

4. Finally.

Dog in handbag that has a picture of the dog!
credit: anlyin

5. The most poignant meme ever.

Dog looking out car window kinda sad
credit: anlyin

6. Let's go.

Reflection of a dog sleeping peacefully
credit: anlyin

7. Ready for PSL season.

Cat in a sunbeam in fall
credit: anlyin

8. Same.

Dog on mountain with wind blowing
credit: OtterPup93

9. Bad ol putty tat.

Cat trying to catch birds at a bird feeder
credit: anlyin

10. He sure did!

Happy puppy ate a lizard!
credit: OtterPup93

11. Soon.

Cat in a ghost costume
credit: anlyin

12. Like every weekend ...

Dog propped up in bed with snacks and laptop
credit: OtterPup93

13. Steve is just curious.

Cat got caught in a possum trap!
credit: anlyin

14. Every morning ...

Cat looking tired
credit: anlyin

15. Rawr!

Derpy looking cat
credit: anlyin

16. Introspective cat is introspective.

Cat looking thoughtful
credit: anlyin

17. If a person who loves rain is called a pluviophile, a dog who loves rain is called a plutophile.

Dog really excited about rain coat
credit: anlyin

18. Here it is. The most sincere and beautiful meme, capturing what life is all about:

Dog with a microphone
credit: Glort