Just 20 Photos of Dogs Wearing Ties

They are all good boys and they're all dressed up! Look at them!!

1. This good boy is drunk at your wedding.

Happy dog with bowtie
credit: MissEmilyBee

2. He dressed for dinner and is ready to eat that dinner right now, thank you very much.

Dog smacking his lips wearing a bone bowie
credit: vera_banger

3. Here is the handsome dog groom from a dog wedding.

What a catch!

4. He knows his friends are going to embarrass him at Chili's again.

Dog looking kinda weary
credit: ill_vision

5. "If mom never put this dumb people tie on me, I would have never gotten this dumb people job."

Sad looking dog wearing a tie
credit: Daveou812

Don't put a tie on your dog, unless you're both ready to deal with the consequences.

6. Here is your new intern.

Dog with tie looking very alert
credit: wildintu

7. First day of college.

Cute chihuahua wearing a bow tie on a fall day
credit: hedgew

8. This dog wants to be a political pundit.

Dog in a nice bowtie with a strangely human look on his face
credit: nowheyk

Fox News just hired him.

9. Does it count when the dog is wearing the tie ironically?

Dog with a black bow tie and a bike and he looks like some kind of barista
credit: bitlorrent

10. He is dressed for the red carpet!

I hope he doesn't pee on it.

11. A moment of silence please for the original tie wearing, Bud Light-swilling pup, Spuds Mackenzie.

12. He is giving himself a pep talk for his job interview.

Cute dog in a nice tie
credit: pupperparent

"Who is the good boy? I AM THE GOOD BOY!"

13. "Like, if you really think about it, a tie is just like a dog leash, man."

Good dog wearing a tie and jacket
credit: runninwild888

14. Don't dress for the job you have, dress for the job you want.

Dalmation pup in a fire station
credit: Squad508

15. This good boy is here to take your dog daughter on a dog date.

They are going shopping at Petsmart and then they're going to kiss at the dog park.

16. "What happened to the dog who swallowed the watch? He got ticks!"

Dapper dog in a tie
credit: nourtsis

He wants to be a stand-pup comedian.

17. Is anyone else weird-ed out that this dog is wearing a tie, a jacket and glasses without a shirt.

Weird pic of a dog at work
credit: lovly-love

Where does he even work.

18. When your dad only wears "fun" ties.

Silly dog in a bad tie
credit: tomorrowws

"What do dogs eat for lunch? Woofles!"

19. Um.

Dog wearing a fancy little suit
credit: moviedrama

20. There's just something so right about a corgi wearing a bow-tie.

Corgi's are dapper little dogs.