17 Cats Just Being Adorable Weirdos

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Here are 17 cats being their adorable and weird selves.

1. So helpful. Thanks, cat!

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2. Someone asked her a hard math question.

3. A purrfect set of arm chair covers ...

4. Having a cat yoga instructor is the new hot yoga trend.

5. "Hmmm, what should I destroy today?"

6. She loves wearing her ignoring people bag.

7. From a young age, cats learn to establish their dominance over humans.

Chomp chomp!


8. "I like the paw holes."

9. Always share your pepperoni.

10. Don't catnip and drive.

11. This is not a cat nap, this is a people nap.

12. "... and thank you for my bountiful crunchies. Amen."

13. "What."

14. He's getting ready for a big leap. Watch out!

Or maybe he just sits like a weirdo.


15. "This is what I meant to do. Obviously."

Sure, cat.


16. "Halp!"

17. "Behold, it is I, the monster that lives under your bed and in your sheets!"


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