17 Cats Just Being Adorable Weirdos

Here are 17 cats being their adorable and weird selves.

1. So helpful. Thanks, cat!

Cat brought his person a teabag
credit: reddit.com

2. Someone asked her a hard math question.

Cat with yellow eyes and a pink tongue sticking out
credit: doseng.org

3. A purrfect set of arm chair covers ...

Two cats laying on chair's arms funny
credit: reddit.com

4. Having a cat yoga instructor is the new hot yoga trend.

Cat sitting with his arms stretched up
credit: kirakittykatt

5. "Hmmm, what should I destroy today?"

Cat sitting on his scratching post like a people
credit: reddit.com

6. She loves wearing her ignoring people bag.

Cat likes having a paper bag on her head for some reason
credit: mazelaar

7. From a young age, cats learn to establish their dominance over humans.

Tiny kitten biting a guy's nose
credit: kelbrina


8. "I like the paw holes."

Cat sitting in a chair backwards so his arms poke out of the chair's back
credit: imgur.com

9. Always share your pepperoni.

Cat begging for pepperoni
credit: 9gag.com

10. Don't catnip and drive.

11. This is not a cat nap, this is a people nap.

12. "... and thank you for my bountiful crunchies. Amen."

13. "What."

14. He's getting ready for a big leap. Watch out!

Cat sitting strangely
credit: ngunter7

Or maybe he just sits like a weirdo.

15. "This is what I meant to do. Obviously."

Cat climbed to the light fixture and now he's sitting in the broken light fixture
credit: godofleet

Sure, cat.

16. "Halp!"

17. "Behold, it is I, the monster that lives under your bed and in your sheets!"

Cat underneath sheets
credit: attigirb