18 Photos That Prove Humans Still Worship Cats

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Ancient Egyptians worshiped cats. And so do we.


1. The answer is cats. They worshiped cats.

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2. There is science evidence to prove that ancient Egyptians worshiped cats.

3. This cat blesses his worshipers, who make the pilgrimage from all over the world to see him.

4. The Ancient Egyptians knew what was important.

(It's cats.)


5. I mean, cats already think we worship them.

How often has your cat yelled at you because her dish was half empty?

6. There's just no other explanation why we would be a slave to our cat's needs and desires.

7. From the time they are kittens, cats have a pretty egotistical view of all their relationships.

8. The difference between dog and cat people ...

9. This cat is patiently training her tiny human the rituals of cat worship.

10. Nobody minds if you worship cats; it's just obnoxious when they proselytize.

11. And it's annoying when they summon ancient goddesses.

12. Here it is. The fundamental difference in cats and dogs ...

13. Finally.

14. "I am your god meow!"

15. This is like the hardest thing the pharaoh has done all day.

16. Here is a cat indoctrinating this young man into his religion.

"Now walk over to my food dish and make sure it's full, hooman."


17. Not just anyone can worship cats. The cat adoption process is pretty intense.

18. See?