18 Funny Pet Memes To Make You Happy

Need a mood boost? Here are 18 funny pet memes to make you smile!

1. Do not tell this cat there is no such thing as Santa.

Cat impressed by Christmas tree
credit: mrmyhre

2. "It's fine."

Pomeranian getting a bath at the groomers
credit: reddit.com

3. I too am interested in this religion.

Cat meme about a new cat religion
credit: pinterest.com

4. "Didn't even want to be a dumb seal, anyway."

5. Yes, you will.

Cute puppy on a plane
credit: thechive.com

6. A fine catbernet.

7. We all bork down here.

Chihuahua dressed up like Pennywise the Dancing Clown from It
credit: imgur.com

8. Maybe you should buy it.

This cat looks like Wilford Brimley
credit: fishki.net

9. Glorious.

Four dogs buried in the sand
credit: imgur.com

10. Disappoint.

Dog wearing a Burger King crown with chicken nuggets but he still looks sad.
credit: imgur.com

11. Not everyone is cut out for that 9-5 grind.

Puppy asleep at the steering wheel
credit: imgur.com

And this includes puppies.

12. "I love my baby."

13. Heh.

Cute black cat with his tongue sticking otu.
credit: imgur.com

14. "Mine."

15. It's a good color for her.

Dog ate lipstick!
credit: tt.mop.com

16. "Hello, it is I, a duck."

Dog trying to get into that duck-feeding action
credit: esmemes.com

17. Death. We choose death.

18. This is accurate.