18 Funny Pet Memes To Make You Happy

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Need a mood boost? Here are 18 funny pet memes to make you smile!

1. Do not tell this cat there is no such thing as Santa.

2. "It's fine."

3. I too am interested in this religion.

4. "Didn't even want to be a dumb seal, anyway."

5. Yes, you will.

6. A fine catbernet.

7. We all bork down here.

8. Maybe you should buy it.

9. Glorious.

10. Disappoint.

11. Not everyone is cut out for that 9-5 grind.

And this includes puppies.

12. "I love my baby."

13. Heh.

14. "Mine."

15. It's a good color for her.

16. "Hello, it is I, a duck."

17. Death. We choose death.

18. This is accurate.