18 Funny Pet Memes To Make You Happy

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Need a mood boost? Here are 18 funny pet memes to make you smile!

1. "Here is a photo of a cat seeing a Christmas tree for the first time. You're welcome."

Do not tell this cat there is no such thing as Santa.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

2. "When you try to keep your optimism after everything goes wrong"

"It's fine."

3. Them: "Do you want to join my religion?" Me: "What's your religion?"

Also me: "I"m interested"


4. "He just realized he will never be a seal"

"Didn't even want to be a dumb seal, anyway."


5. "Imagine if I went to so much college you had to call me Dr. Jorts"

6. [sniffs] "It's a red.. California.. excellent year.. it's a late harvest.. subtle expression of dare I say... peach? Exquisite aroma."

A fine catbernet.



7. We all bork down here.

8. "This cat came out of nowhere and tried to sell me bootleg diabeetus medicine"

Maybe you should buy it.


9. Mount Ruffmore

10. "When you get home and realize they forgot your sauce..."



11. Not everyone is cut out for that 9-5 grind.

And this includes puppies.



12. "If I ask my dog 'where's your baby?', he'll find her and they'll cuddle"

"I love my baby."

13. "When you first meet me vs when I get comfortable"


14. "When the waiters asks if they can take ur plate and u still got fries on there"

"I think not."

15. "Do you need to see some cat by the fire content? Here you go"

16. "He saw us feeding the ducks and pretended to be one"

"Hello, it is I, a duck."

17. "When your pet falls asleep in ur lap and you have to choose between dying or waking them up"

Death. We choose death.

18. "Girls before and after you feed them"

This is accurate.