18 Lovable Animals To Brighten Your Day

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Here are 18 good boys and good girls that will put a smile on your face!

1. A fine gentleman cat in a nice hat, not like that garish Cat in the Hat.

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Video of the Day

3. "Mountainnn mammmaaa"

Some songs you can't help but sing along to.

4. Someone took this perfect picture of their cat and we need to appreciate this.

5. Awww, cats love to get cozy ...

before they plot their nefarious deeds.


6. She wanted some fried chicken.

7. Here is a cat who loves peaches.

8. This impressive fluffy feline ....

9. "No drum. Only pets."

10. A vicious monster, indeed!

11. Kitties > weasels

12. Life advice from a Canadian beaver:

13. Life advice from a cat:

"Always leap before you look."


14. "Are you guys seeing this?!"

15. This little kitten loves to hold hands...

16. Narrarator: "She did not get any work done that day."

17. This happy marshmallow found the purrfect home...

18. "I'm pretty sure this is how you use this thing."