16 Memes That Prove Pspsps is The Only Acceptable Form Of Catcalling

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Famed for their studied aloofness, cats have one weakness that's the equivalent of vocal catnip: pspspspsps.

Pet owners have been using this onomatopoeic cat-call to beckon their furry pals since time immemorial — even before the advent of the internet!


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

Why? Some argue it appeals to a feline's prey drive. Others suggest it is tied to the phrase's frequency and cats' sense of hearing, which is attuned to higher sounds.

Regardless of the origins of pspspspsps, there's one thing that's undisputable: It's endlessly funny when used as the source material to craft memes, jokes and captions.


Scroll on for 16 of the funniest examples of the form, as collected from Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and elsewhere.

1. "If you have any questions just go pspspsps and I’ll come to you"

This puts a rather literal twist on the whole teacher's pet thing now doesn't it?


2. Me: *calls cat by name

Cat: *ignores

Me: pspsps



Pro tip: Crack a can of tuna at the same exact time.



3. "What is the opposite of pspspsps?"

Choose wisely:


A. Nopenopenopenopenopenope.

B. Spspspsp.

4. "Type pspspspsps to accept his quest."

All team members have temporary +20 protection against prismatic beams cast by evil wizards.


5. "Hey can you do me a favor and let your cat know i said pspspspspspsps thanks"

Done and done.


6. "When you pspspspspspsps in another language:"

This is the face of catfusion.


7. "Did someone say... pspspsps?"

When two memes meet in the middle.

8. "When you pspspsps into the void, sometimes it pspspspsps back."

Good luck evicting this image from your brain.

9. "Me when I pspspspsps at a cat and it runs away"

Sobs forever.

10. "I have come to pet you do not resist pspspspsps"

Evade mode: activated.


11. "Ahh, hello. Was it you who went pspspsps?"

Who dare awaken the feline overlord from his slumber.

12. "I might not always come to you but pspspspsps and I'll be there"

He don't have friends, he has fur family.

13. "hello did someone say pspspsps"

How could anyone say no to that face? Asking for a fren.

14. "Cats when they hear pspspsps"



15. "When he said pspspsps I felt that"

I just want to give this catto a hug.

16. "U pspsps; we deliver"

Did we miss your favorite pspspspsps cat meme? Share it with us in the comments below!


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