17 Cats That Are Hardcore Gamers

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These tech-savvy cats are used to pwning n00bs day and night.

1. "My character just died. Good thing I've got eight more lives."

2. "Not how I would have done it, but okay."

3. "Let's play Animal Crossing, I want to catch butterflies."

4. "Get out of my room, I'm playing Minecraft!"

5. Age of Empurrs.

6. No, you can't have it...I'm on a roll.

7. Mobile gaming is real gaming!

8. The only problem with Lego video games is that you can't chew on the pieces.

9. "My Switch. No touching."

10. Game hard, nap hard.

11. "Rate my rig."

12. "Why do you have so many side quests?"

13. He called dibs on the good controller.

14. "Do you want to play Playstation?"

15. "Trust me, I'm a strategist."

16. "Call me a 'casual' one more time."

17. "You're definitely going to die."


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